PURPOSE: The Alberta School Act (RSA 2000) gives the right of access to education to eligible persons who are 6 years of age or older and younger than 19 years of age, and it permits school boards to acquire or develop and offer programs to meet the needs of these students. Outreach Programs are particularly effective in meeting the needs of some students.

The purpose of this Outreach Program Handbook is to help school jurisdictions (administrators, teachers, trustees), parents and community members understand the expectations and practices related to Outreach Programs.


History and Definition: According to Billie E. J. Housego (1999), "teachers in innovative, alternative schools and programs have attempted," for more than 30 years, "to meet the needs of students who either cannot or will not pursue their education in traditional high schools". In Alberta, a few educators began as early as 20 years ago to attempt to meet the needs of these students.

Housego states that "The term outreach, which applies to community outreach and outreach counseling and refers generally to 'efforts to increase the availability and utilization of services, especially through direct intervention and interaction with the target population,' has been in use since 1974 (Educational Resources Information Centre Thesaurus, 1997)." (Housego, p.86) The use of the term "outreach" in Alberta emerged in the mid 1990s. It is preceded by the term "storefront" school, and a number of Outreach Programs still retain "storefront" in their name. Efforts to establish Outreach Programs in Alberta have increased significantly since targeted provincial funding commenced in 1995/1996.

To read the Outreach Program Handbook please click onto the following link: Outreach Program Handbook


Alexis School is now offering Outreach services for Alexis Students living on reserve. For information on how you can register for the Outreach Program please contact:

Name: David Yu
Title: Ed. Leader
Phone: 780-967-5919

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  • Outreach
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