Alexis recognizes that education is an Inherent Right. Through the Treaty Agreement between Alexis and the Crown, Canada has a constitutional and fiduciary obligation to provide the highest quality of academic education to the members of Alexis.


Under the authority of the Shareholder in Trust (Chief of Alexis) and the Nation's Traditional Governance System, the Board's mandate is to promote and maintain the highest quality of education for all Alexis students, recognizing that education is a lifelong pursuit.


Igibi Waka Mne Isgabi ne, otab nen igicedaham ne,
Waka woshudashi wacigebi abada igihamina, Xam mne
wicashda daca wicoxagine, augihnabina igibasnibdabicin,
Waka Taupa Agduyami ihnobamina, Waka daca gare nesh
Igiyobamicin Dagugicem ne ?um, dosgamin da?a uzhicigebina,
wazhike wodegice inimicin,
Waka ne daca igikubnesh Isgabi duken toxemzhecen itus
Iginabina, taudagizhi agiyamicin,
Waka Mne Isga wicashdabi Taucii, Taca, Cade, Wanarozi
Dabage Wash?a hamicin Wazhike ihamicin
Dukenag hicedog

We, the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation will protect and promote our cultural and spiritual values. We will strive to live in harmony and respect the Creator and all his creation. We will commit to our I'sga beliefs and utilize every resource that the Creator has bestowed upon us to empower our people, spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally.


Our mission is to raise the level of education in Alexis. We are dedicated to advancing the level of education for our children, our youth and our adult population.