H'ugacakebi Kataudam Huyabca Naxnish Aducaxamid
We are working on a vision that was foreseen by our past chiefs

Terms of Reference

The School Board has the overarching responsibility for ensuring that every student reaches established learning standards. In order to this, the School Board must:

1. Adopt policies to assess, monitor, and promote student performance in accordance with local and state standards.

2. Direct and oversee long-range planning of the educational program and facilities, keeping the focus on high student achievement.

3. Engage the community in establishing the mission of the schools, establish policies under which the schools will function, and adopt goals designed to achieve the mission of the schools.

4. Hire an outstanding educational leader as the Director of Education, hold that person accountable for high student achievement and for the efficient operation of the schools, provide appropriate support for the Director, and periodically evaluate the Director's leadership.


1. Approve a budget, and secure the financial support necessary to achieve the mission.

2. Periodically review financial statements provided by the Director and ascertain that the Board's spending plan is being properly implemented.

3. Approve negotiated collective bargaining agreements and other contracts in accordance with School Board policy.

4. Understand the distinction between Board and staff roles and, by policy, delegate all management and administrative functions, including personnel functions, to the Director.

5. Communicate district needs to local Band Members and local, provincial, and federal officials.

6. Select as Board president (chairperson) a Board member who demonstrates essential leadership qualities to preside at Board meetings, work closely with the Director to establish meeting agendas, and be an articulate spokesperson for the Board. The person the Board elects as its president is key to what the Board accomplishes and to the nature of the relationship between the Director and Board members.

7. Evaluate its own performance and periodically take part in workshops with the Director, aimed at strengthening their collaborative leadership for high student achievement.

8. Come to meetings prepared with a thorough knowledge of all pending items before the Board.

The Boards' Terms of Reference is unavailable at this time.