H'ugacakebi Kataudam Huyabca Naxnish Aducaxamid
We are working on a vision that was foreseen by our past chiefs

Board Of Education

Organizational Structure:

O/A Advisors

O/A Shareholder in Trust
O/A President
O/A Board of Director
O/A Director

GOVERNANCE - Alexis Education Governing Authority
Alexis Education Services is governed by a Board of Directors in compliance with the Criminal Code of Canada, the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation's Membership Code, Band Policies and Procedures.

On behalf of the members of Alexis and future generations, the Alexis Elder's are the advisors for Alexis Education. 

On behalf of the members of Alexis, the Chief of Alexis is the Shareholder in Trust.  

Alexis Chief as Shareholder in Trust has appointed one Band Councilor to act as "Chairman of the Board" (President). The President is delegated to recruit and maintain good governance for the Education Board.

1. 2008-2010: Tony Alexis, Band Councillor
2. 2010-2013: Erwin Letendre, Band Councillor
3. 2013-2014: Gloria Potts, Band Councillor
4. 2014-Present: Elizabeth Letendre, Band Councillor

Education Board meetings are called by the Chairman. Meetings are held monthly. Agenda items vary from Recruitment, Annual Operating Plans, Budget Reviews, Research, Planning and Policy Development. The Chairman, through approval by the Board's Trustees, has recruited and appointed six (6) volunteers to act as "Directors of the Board"

1. 2009-2016: Jacqueline Letendre, Director (Community Member)
2. 2009-2016: Rebecca Sockbesan-Cardinal, Director (Community Member)
3. 2013-2016: Evelyn Potts, Director (Community Member)
4. 2013-2016: Mervin Kootenay, Director (Community Member)
5. 2014-2016: Carrie-Ann Potts, Director (Community Member)

6.2014-2016: Ronald Woytiuk, Director(Non-Community Member)

7. 2014-2016: Cora Wener-Pillwax, Director (Non-Community Member)
2009-2012: Lloyd Verrealut, Director (Community Member) 
2009-2012: Quinton P. Kootenay, Director (Community Member)
2009-2013: Corrine Potts, Director (Community Member)
2009-2013: Doug Nelson, Director
2013-2013: Stephanie Alexis, Director (Community Member)


1. 2016-present: Erwin Letendre, Director

2. 2016-present: Henry R. Alexis, Director

3. 2016-present: Elizabeth Letendre, Director

4. 2016-present: Pearl Potts, Director

5. 2016-present: Corrine Potts, Director

6. 2016-present: Donovan J Alexis, Director

7. 2016-present: Willard Alexis, Director


CORPORATE - Alexis Education -  Education Leader

The Board, through hiring process, has recruited and appointed one (1) Director to act as the "Education Leader". The Education Leader's role is to manage the operations of the Alexis Education Program.

1. 2002 - 2012: Elizabeth Letendre - Director of Education
2. 2012 - 2013: Tom Wilkinson - Education Leader
3. 2013 - 2014: Loretta Mustus-Duncan - Interim Education Leader
4. 2014 - 2017: David Yu, Education Leader

5. 2017- Present: Toni Letendre; Education Director