H'ugacakebi Kataudam Huyabca Naxnish Aducaxamid
We are working on a vision that was foreseen by our past chiefs

Stoney Language

Isga I?abi

All students at the school are required to receive instruction in the Stoney language. This is a required provincially recognized subject and is taught by teachers who are acknowledged by Alberta Learning. We have included some sample lessons which you are encouraged to practice at home to assist your child in becoming fluent in his/her native language. Let us work together to keep the Stoney Language alive!

Rationale:  The goal of Isga I?abi is to equip students with the necessary linguistic skills and knowledge to enable them to communicate competently and confidently in Stoney both in school and in community contexts.

Students will develop proficiency in Stoney through experience in various media of communication.  Speaking and listening skills will enhance students' cognitive abilities to explore ideas, to organize information, to gain understanding, and to develop the interactive aspect of language (i.e. conversation).  Reading and writing skill further enrich students' cognitive development.  Literacy provides students with an alternative means of expression and accessing information, which requires comprehension, interpretation of meaning, formulation of thought, and creativity of expression.

Students who learn Stoney will enhance their language skills and their cognitive skills.  The development of these second language skills will enhance the development of their first language.  Increased proficiency in English will not only boost the students' confidence but it will also improve their academic performance.

Learning Stoney will bridge a generational gap that is intensified by the limited communication between young and old due to language differences.  It will provide the students with a means for interacting with their parents and with the older generations who are not fluent in English.  Increased interaction between generations and among families will strengthen familial and generational bonds, which in turn will build a sense of unity in the Alexis community.

To learn a language is to gain an understanding of the concepts, philosophies, expressions, lifestyle, and humour unique to that culture.  Learning Stoney will open a window of perspective that was not accessible to the English-only student because a Stoney speaker has a unique perspective and understanding of the world that can only be understood through the Stoney language.  In this way, being able to speak Stoney will provide the students with the means to explore their Stoney history, spirituality, cultural values, traditions, and beliefs.  Gaining an understanding of their culture will help the students to develop a positive self-concept and self-identity. 

As more and more people speak Stoney the hope for the preservation of the language grows.  Maintaining the language preserves the cultural attitudes and perspectives that are inextricably tied to the language.