H'ugacakebi Kataudam Huyabca Naxnish Aducaxamid
We are working on a vision that was foreseen by our past chiefs

Specific School Rules

The following are not permitted:
- Use of alcohol, illegal drugs and tobacco products (except in ceremonies) - Respect for self and others (the law)
- Fighting / assault - Respect for self and others (the law)
- Weapons (real or toy) - Respect for others (the law)
- Gambling games - Respect for self and others (the law)
- Hats worn inside the building - Respect for others
- High sugar/caffeine drinks (pop) - Respect for self
- Sunflower seeds (spitz) eaten inside the building - Respect for property
- Vandalizing of school materials, furniture, building - Respect for property
- Riding of bicycles, roller skates, skate boards between 8:50 AM and 3:30 PM on the school grounds, unless supervised by a staff member - Respect for others and property
- Leaving classroom/school grounds during school hours - Respect for self and others
- Disruptive behaviors - Respect for others
- Use of cell phones and ear phones during class time - Respect for other
- Bullying!!!!!!

"We recognize that every member of the school community should be honored for his or her unique abilities and contributions."

We are not tolerant of any form of bullying. Anyone who becomes aware of bullying or is being bullied must report it to staff. Anyone accused of bullying will be immediately suspended and will face eventual expulsion if the behavior continues.