H'ugacakebi Kataudam Huyabca Naxnish Aducaxamid
We are working on a vision that was foreseen by our past chiefs


Notice re Elders:  Elders Marceline Potts and Bella Alexis will be making regular visits to the school this semester as a resource to visit with students and staff encourage them in their daily activities.

Notice to Parents:
Parent involvement in the school is extremely important. In order for the school to be successful we need parents' help. Just look at the impact the presence of the Elders has had on the children and the school community.

Parents are welcomed whenever they can to assist the staff and support their children. Their time and effort is always appreciated. Every year the school recognizes parents/guardians who volunteer their time and talents to serve the students. Please contact the school to make arrangements.

Contact Alexis School at 780-967-5919.