H'ugacakebi Kataudam Huyabca Naxnish Aducaxamid
We are working on a vision that was foreseen by our past chiefs

Video Archiving

Video Archiving plays an important role in preserving history.  The Alexis Heritage Institute's mandate is to protect, promote and preserve the history of Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation as well as develop resources.

Documenting helps the institute build resources and helps the community preserve knoweldge for future generations. 20 - 30 years from now, Alexis members will be able to watch videos of their relatives and community sharing history and even showing future generations how to pray, sing, dance, hunt and/or gather. This information will be valuable to the community in the future.
The Alexis Board of Education has transfered over 300 videos. These videos need to be transcribed. Transcribing will provide further resources for Alexis School and other community projects. With limited financial resources, the Institute has relied on Alexis Post-Secondary Students to assist in transcribing. In the future the Institute hopes to hire someone full-time to work in this area.

How can you help preserve history?

The Alexis Heritage Institute also collects pictures, videos and any newsletters from community members for archiving purposes. If you have a video or pictures that you would like to add to the community archive please contact:

Name: Elizabeth Letendre
Title: Director of Heritage
Email: liz.letendre@alexised.ca
Phone: 780-974-6841